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Food of Wenzhou

The primary Wenzhou vegetable is seafood, the vegetable taste fresh, pale but is not thin, the cooking technology is fastidious the light oil, is light soup, pays great attention to the knife labor. The shredded pork knocks the fish, the exquisite silk catgut and explodes the sepia flower and calls "the three certainly vegetable of Ouhai".

The shredded pork knocks the fish
Wenzhou folk tradition delicacies, hands down had more than hundred year histories. Until today, whenever at holidays, the relatives and friends are distanced, always take the Qiao fish receives cordially the visitor, "the shredded silk" refers is the chicken dried meat silk, the ham silk, the shiitake mushroom silk, knocks the fish, the shredded pork adds the consomme to boil the system to become "the shredded pork to knock the fish", The soup is clear and the tase is mellow, fresh and tender crisply slides, the luster is well distributed, have flavor.

The exquisite silk catgut
Newly creation Ou vegetable, selects the murrel back meat to sliver the filament, matches the red green bell pepper silk, the yellow egg silk, the brown shiitake mushroom silk and so on fries the system to become. This vegetable color richly resembles the exquisite silk, the catgut strip unceasingly, symmetrically, its taste is extremely tasty.

Explodes the sepia flower
To have a series of sepias cooked food in the Ou vegetable, explodes the sepia flower is representative vegetable. This is the Ou famous vegetable which the knife labor, the furnace man pays equal attention to together, the crisp and tender tasty, the modeling is extremely artistic.

The hole chieftain fish cake
Tradition Wenzhou fish cake all is the crown fish does, the before crown fish was calculated precious, now basically has all entered common family. It is said the fish cake as early as started in Han Dynasty time. The fish cake procedure is goes the fresh fish flesh the bone, the fish flesh adds the bread flour to strike solid, steams the slice, dips the Wenzhou tradition the soy sauce vinegar, the solid delicacy, namely may enjoy the fish flesh tastiness, also omits picks out the bone the trouble, especially suits the old person and the child edible.

A mince meat jellyfish
Wenzhou is situated at the seashore, is rich in the seafood class. The jellyfish had been born in the sea, itself belt quite heavy salty taste before, therefore before eating it, should turn on the water soaks removes some salty tastes, after adds the mince meat the seasoning to mix evenly puts in the pot to steam 5 minutes, puts in sea hibernation of insects then. The jellyfish is may eat uncooked, but jellyfish is the jellyfish most delicious part. Chews crisply.
At the same time, very many places all directly cut quite pale jellyfish enter the plate, puts "the cotton or flower seed", dips eating up the liquor a flavor.

Three door Qiumeng
This look like likely crab's thing, is called Qiumeng in here which short spot, sturdy spot, also fat many, dark green south area is rich compared to crab. In Dongtou and Pingyang, Cangnan area is extremely very much, it is tasty. The procedure fragrant fries the Qiumeng, add onion ginger and oil, the high temperature explodes fries, takes a pot off the fire gnaws that Qiumeng foot, is specially interesting.
Other procedure. Simple is washes the Qioumeng cleanly puts does in the pot to steam, takes a pot off the fire piles up the scrap, is serving with the soy sauce vinegar. Frequently the procedure ate in childhood, it is rich nutrition, was that very many very many cooking wines, the little salt, the monosodium glutamate, several piece of ginger garlics, several sections of green onions, then flooded the system, put in the cage to steam, both maintained Qiumengh's delicacy, and increased the Swine smell, very intoxicant.

The tall man wonton
Tall man wonton source about 1930, Yueching person Chen Libiao came the Wenzhou management wonton load, hawked along the street. After the Sino-Japanese War wins, the urban district liberation north road five horses intersections form the golden gauze market. In order to meet this kind of need, the wonton load then fixes down, suspends in the hard curb mouth management. The manufactures is fine, wonton skin is very thin, is suitable with the alkali, the stuffing meat uses the fresh lean meat. The cover material is fastidious, has the porphyra capensi, the egg silk, the thin threads of meat, soaks the liquor sun-dried shelled shrimp, The soup is clear can sees the bottom in particular, is welcome by human. Because his stature is very high, the people all called his wonton is "the tall man wonton". Its characteristic is the soup clear tasty, takes the form of the flowers, the delicacy is tasty.

In front of the sweet dumplings served in soup countyt
The sweet dumplings served in soup shop old name calls "Zheng Deda" the sweet dumplings served in soup shop. The Qing Dynasty Xianfeng years starts doing business, is a Wenzhou earliest sweet dumplings served in soup shop. To during 1928-1938 year, front the county manages "Huangxinfa ", "knows the taste circle" two sweet dumplings served in soup shops, these three sweet dumplings served in soup shop has the characteristic respectively. "Knows the taste circle" the fresh meat sweet dumplings served in soup taste is best, its stuffing heart all is the aspic does, this kind of stuffing thoughts soup as soon as boils is the melting, bites open the sweet dumplings served in soup then to have a fragrant soup exile inside the mouth; the kidney bean paste sweet dumplings served in soup, the hemp core sweet dumplings served in soup of " The huangxinfa", all use the senior the fruit and flowers sign banana oil to blend flavors, the taste beautiful and delicious. "Zheng Deda" the hemp core sweet dumplings served in soup stuffing needed materials are most elegant. In 1958, this 3 family stores and were, changed name calls in front of the county the dumplings shop.

Dwarf loose cake
Loose cake, namely white sugar fat meat loose cake. Manufactures this dessert the master craftsman stature to be very short, therefore calls "the dwarf loose cake". As early as in 1943 the Sino-Japanese War later period, he supposed the booth in five horses intersections, cooked a meal while sells is very famous. This dessert selected the same year pure glutinous rice, mixed by the pig buttocks, Is addicted to erroneously burns the shipyard deeply attach to 10 days), superior sweet-scented osmanthus and white sugar. This dessert characteristic is the soft wadding glutinous, sweet center has salty, the delicate fragrance and delicious,

good for both young and old.

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